CIHRA, in accordance with USA Hockey, has implemented an On-Ice Mentoring Program for the assistance and development of our new on-ice Officials. The program is designed to help first and second year Officials learn and enjoy the responsibilities that come with being an Ice Hockey Official.

The Mentoring process will provide veteran officials to act as shadows for the newer officials, while on the ice. The mentor will focus on positioning, skating, proper technique, etc. The mentor will only become involved in the game when absolutely necessary.

New Officials

For new officials, a mentor will be assigned for your first games. After that, you may also get a game with a newer official who is getting mentored for their first games and you can benefit from having some additional assistance. Other examples for accessing a mentor are if you are moving from linesman to your first referee game or from Squirt to Peewee. If you would like mentoring for a game like this, use the Request a Mentor form.

Request a Mentor (Instructions)

Secure a Game Assignment

    • To ensure the mentoring process moves a fast as possible, officials are encouraged secure a game from one of the CIRHA Schedulers.
    • If an official has made several attempts to secure a game by contacting schedulers in their areas, they can still submit a "Request a Mentor" form and CIHRA will work with schedulers to find a game.
    • Fill Out the Request a Mentor Form

Fill out this form after you have contacted a scheduler and been given a game assignment. A mentor will be assigned by the scheduler. Once you get your game notification from Horizon Web Ref you’ll need to know the game detail information AND the email address of your mentor to complete the form. You can also use this form to request to be mentored if you are having difficulty reaching any of the schedulers. Click on this link to find the schedulers CIHRA Schedulers_2017-2018. Again, only if you have made several attempts and are still having trouble reaching a scheduler you may complete the following form and we will get you assigned to a game.

Mentor Game Feedback Form

This form will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please complete 1 form per official that was mentored. It is to be completed by the Mentor within 3 days of the Mentor assignment. The Mentoree and the scheduler will be copied on your evaluation. The evaluation will also be included in the database of all mentored officials that schedulers have access to. Please be honest and constructive. Your feedback is essential for the continued program success. Thank You. If you have any questions or concerns, please email