Horizon Web Ref FAQs

Account Setup / User Preferences

Request an Account

  1. Go to my.horizonwebref.com and select the "New User Registration" link at the bottom of the directed home page. Its recommend by horizon web ref to use firefox as your browser.
  2. Users will need to fill out the required information. Notably, parents and children cannot use the same email address. If one is needed, a gmail account can be obtained for free, but important that every user account has a unique and active email address. Without this, a user account cannot be set up.
  3. The CIHRA Association Code is 205162. This needs to be entered in the appropriate field.
  4. Emails with directions and username/temp passwords will be sent to new users when we approve the accounts.

Account Setup

  1. You will get an email from HorizonWebRef with a username and a temporary password for you to use.
  2. Login at my.horizonwebref.com using the link in the email. When you login you will establish a permanent password.

User Preferences

Default preferences are set to allow you to work at ANY rink anywhere in Colorado. You need to change the Rink Block list to have your availability pertain to only those rinks you wish to work at.

Availability Calendar

You need to set your availability by date to allow the scheduler to see when you can work. If you are selected for a game, the system will email you asking you to confirm that you can work the game. You can then either accept or decline the assignment. IF you accept the assignment and then later discover you CAN NOT work the game you must login to the system and make a “Turn back” request for that game. Until the scheduler accepts the turn back, you are still responsible to work that game. If you are 48 hours or less from the game starting time, do NOT use the turn back function, instead call the scheduler for that rink.

Setting Up Your Availability:

  1. Select “Officials Availability” from Right hand menu of links.
  2. Either select month you want to show availability for or utilize the Recurring Availability link at the top of the page to set availability for a set number of months.
  3. Change the calendar as appropriate to show days you are full available (Green color will show) and those which have a time constraint (available before or after a time). Calendar will show Blue. Days blocked entirely will be shaded in Red.
  4. IMPORTANT – SAVE your changes by hitting the “Update Availability” button on the bottom of the page!

Arena Block List

  1. On right hand side of Member Home page click on Administrative forms
  2. Select “Arena Block List” underneath the “Block Systems” heading. NOT the Arena Block list by Category link!
  3. Follow the instructions on the page on how to block multiple rinks. When you are done hit the “Update Arena Block List” button, and then the rinks you have BLOCKED are shown below on that page.