2017-2018 Season Highlights

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Annual Dawg Bowl June 22-25, 2018

  • Dawg Bowl 2017 was the biggest in terms of attendance and Dawg Nation raised $110,000 during June 23-26 event.  Thank you to all of the CIHRA officials who participated.”It was another spectacular weekend with the power of the human spirit in full display,” said Dawg Nation founder Martin Richardson.  42 teams in seven divisions participated.  A silent auction and plenty of hockey action kept spectators hopping.”We couldn’t have done this without the help of so many who volunteered countless hours,” said the Dawg Father.


Midget and Bantam AAA Evaluation Program Announced

Officials seeking to get assignments at the Midget AAA and Bantam AAA  level need to request (and receive) an evaluation AND a recommendation from a scheduler or Level 4 official.  Details can be found on the Request an Evaluation page (under Education and Development).  You can also find the request form at http://www.cihra.org/aaa-evaluation-request/

Major Penalties require a USA Hockey Incident Report to be completed

Every Major Penalty requires a game report to be completed.  Instruction for completing the USA Hockey Incident report can be found under the tab FILE INCIDENT REPORTS http://www.cihra.org/caha-incident-report/

About Us

Welcome to the Colorado Ice Hockey Referee Association’s (CIHRA) website. CIHRA is a local association of approximately 500 USA Hockey certified officials and is based in Denver, Colorado. CIHRA is responsible for the administration of youth, adult, and college club officiating assignments in the following cities:

Denver Metro – Fort Collins – Greeley

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Colorado Seminars 2017-18 MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION & SEMINAR REGISTRATION OPENS ON AUGUST 1, 2017 – Rule change year…

2017-2018 seminars are closed for this season.  Registration for 2018 – 2019 seminars will start again on August 1








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Featured Official

Candidate statements 2018

Candidate for President

Bob Hampe

It has been my pleasure to serve as CIHRA President for the last two years.  During that time, the Board has accomplished a great deal to refocus the organization on its core purpose:  Referee development and training.  It is my intention to continue that focus during the next two years, adding key initiatives that will help provide leadership continuity, increased opportunity for Board Participation and ultimately, build the strength of the organization for years to come.  Thank for the opportunity to serve as President; I would be honoured to continue in that capacity for another term.

Candidates for Board Member-at-Large

Mark Golden

This is my 18th season and as I work with a lot of other officials every week, I have the opportunity to hear about what’s going on.  If elected as a voting board member I will bring those concerns and ideas (to the board) and take action to make our association even better.  Previously when I ran for a board position,  I promised to put in place an arbitration committee as a way for officials that feel that they are being unfairly treated (either by a scheduler or situational issues that have arisen from coaches and parents), to bring their case to the attention of the board and an unbiased resolution committee.  The Arbitration Committee has now existed for the past 3 years and there is a link on the website to file a grievance.    I am interested in keeping the board open to new ideas that promote fairness and create more opportunities.    Thank you for your consideration.

Shane Lapp

It is an honor to be nominated and for that I am grateful.  I am new to being an Ice Hockey Official and I feel I bring a bit of a different perspective because I am a 20+ year Coach as well as a Father of a 1st year official.  If I am elected to the board I will continue to support Officials, Coaches, Players and parents to the best of my ability.  I am connected with a large number of younger officials as I have coached them throughout the years, I feel I can significantly contribute to adding younger officials as well as helping to continue to facilitate the strong model that is already in place to bring in officials, train them and retain them for a solid future as an official.

I will continue to offer my support to the CIHRA community as an official and as a parent.  I would be honored to serve as a voting member of the board if the members choose to vote me in.  Regardless I am honored to wear the stripes and to have been considered for this position.

Kevin Blackburn

I am excited to be nominated for re-election to the CIHRA board of directors. Over the last two years I have enjoyed being part of the board helping to create the CIHRA Officials Development Program, working to help officials in our organization progress in their officiating careers. I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue this program as well as continuing to help with the supervising of tournaments and helping with other programs that the board has worked to create. I look forward to using my 20+ years of officiating experience to continue help our membership provide the high quality product that we see on the ice every season.
Thank you for your consideration.

Brian Willie

I am honored to be nominated for a Member at Large Board position within the Colorado Ice Hockey Referee Association.  As a Dad of a player that spends his fair share of time in the box, a Dad of an up an coming Official that sits in the stands and listens to the abuse the parents rain down on, as a coach that interacts with Officials from the bench and as a 10 year Official that works along side many of the voting members it is only right to bring all of that and do what I can to help strengthen our association.  I can sit in the stands as a parent and complain, I can stand on the bench and complain, or I can sit in the Officials room between gams and complain or I can step up and do something.  That is what I choose to dowith this nomination and your vote, I want to help build the relationships with parents, coaches and officials within this organization and the others in the state.

John Lumley

It would an honor to represent the members of the Colorado Ice Hickey Officials Association. My priority always will be to do what is best for our members and the organization as a whole. Thank you.